Clean Up at the Texas SBOE

Today the focus at the Texas State Board of Education is a formal vote on proposed new public school science curriculum standards. During yesterday’s preliminary votes, a board majority refused to reinsert “strengths and weaknesses” — language used to attack evolution — in the proposed standards. Creationists succeeded, however, in inserting language that would have students question a core concept of evolutionary biology, common descent. Today is a chance for cleaning up the standards. Keep an eye on TFN Insider for updates.

3 thoughts on “Clean Up at the Texas SBOE

  1. Just an Aussie passing by, thought I’d provide the text you are after:
    “evaluate a variety of fossil types, proposed transitional fossils, fossil lineages, and significant fossil deposits and assess the arguments for and against universal common descent in light of this fossil evidence.”

    The whole system of establishing educational science standards needs to be overhauled, if religious nuts can do this much damage to education. Surely there is a separation of church and state issue here?

  2. Thank you for your hard work.
    Clearly, texas has a problem here.
    I am organizing the geoscience organizations in san Antonio
    to get after the two San Antonio members. They will be hearing more from them soon.
    William Fraser