Checking the Hate Mail Bag

FU_HateMailIt’s been a while since we shared some of the hate mail the Texas Freedom Network gets from folks. Enjoy!

Lots of our hate mail is along these lines:

“Dear Nut Jobs — Leave me alone! You IDIOTS!”

And another:

“Wise up! You can not be a liberal & please God. Get on God’s side not evil Obama”

Some folks like to declare their political beliefs and support for particular political candidates:

“There is NO separation of church and state! Amen. No Bamacare. No Amnesty. Cruz for Prez”

This helpful fellow put the important words in all caps and wanted to make sure we understand about the perish=hell thing.

“REPENT!!! Turn to the Lord JESUS CHRIST and be baptized. Stop supporting the murder of infants and embryos. Start supporting traditional marriage the way GOD created us to be, and stop supporting perversion for which the disobedient will be judged and punished. Again I urge you to REPENT, for JESUS said, ‘unless you REPENT you will all likewise perish!’ (That means you will go to Hell!!!)”

Morality is a recurring theme in our hate mail:

“What is right or wrong has been established by history. So is good & bad. You are pushing an agenda to appeal to the immoral.”

Some folks are proud of their exremism. In a letter addressed to the “Liers” and “Any of the idiots” at TFN:


Some writers worry that TFN staffers simply aren’t grateful:

“You should be thankful that we let you live in our free country. Read your Constitution and thank God you are still free.”

Some have been especially bothered by TFN’s support of equality for LGBT folks. One forwarded us a screed from a Washington-based anti-LGBT group attacking the “Tyranny of Gay Equality,” claiming that “homosexuality and transgenderism are psychological disorders,” and criticizing efforts to protect LGBT people (especially minors) from abusive (and discredited) “ex-gay psychotherapy.” The sender included this with the email:

“To the Texas Freedom Network:  Mental illness isn’t freedom, and a regime of forced lies isn’t freedom, either.”

Another writer is ready to run us out of the state:

“If you want to support gay marriage then move to California or New York. ‘Don’t mess with Texas.’  No one forces you to live here.”

But probably the message that made us all chuckle the most is the one in the accompanying photo. The notepad stationery is pleasant, yes?

6 thoughts on “Checking the Hate Mail Bag

  1. Isn’t all of that just SPECIAL? I just LOVE those kind words, don’t you?
    The assumption that all people who live in this state are Christians. I can prove that because I am sure as God made crabgrass that if those nuts ever got into a room together you’d smell nut butter that would last for months.
    I choose to ignore the fairy tales about some guy a couple of thousand years. Don’t you just admire their attempts at profanity? That shows exactly how much love they have for those who disagree with them. That is what Jesus would do, come up with profanity with those who disagreed with him.
    That ought to get me a one-way ticket to their hell.
    Jesus said that they would know they were his followers by the way they acted, so what else can I assume? Jesus was a potty-mouth.
    They still think that LGBT people are just messed up in the head. They’re (typically) wrong as wrong can be.
    Just as they think that global climate is a myth despite what the overwhelming scientific proof is. They eschew ALL science when it messes up their beliefs.
    Science has discovered that our sexuality is formed while we are still gestating, therefor they ignore science and call something natural a “SIN.”
    Paul, the apostate Jew, wrote most of what Christians call the New Testament and he hated sex of any kind. READ YOUR BIBLES BEFORE POINTING YOUR FINGERS IN SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE. You will be astounded at how much is not there that you think is true.
    One last thought…why did it take 300 years before someone got it into their rotting brain to say that Jesus was god. He wasn’t. He’s dead and nobody knows where his bones wound up.
    And just for grins, I am NOT a Christian, my God gave me a brain with which to think.

    1. It is really really embarrassing to see that kind of vitriol like Dan showed. If they wanted to raise objection that is fine but like I told my own children whether you agree or disagree making unnecessary enemies is not good.

      Do not lump all of us in the same pile Beverly. I don’t feel the same way they do that were on the page.

  2. It is interesting to see that some people think (something they rarely do) that the Court made a new law about same-sex marriage. That is a lie.

    For 147 years the 14th Amendment was on the books. Yet homosexuals and lesbians were denied equal rights by the states, something the Court had told them that they could not do that.
    So 147 years later, the Court finally got around to saying that all states must the LGBT community EQUAL RIGHTS and that includes the right to marry.
    So what is the REASON they wanted to be able to get married?
    Imagine that your spouse is in the hospital. You have been together for decades. But since you cannot be listed as spouses you are prohibited from visiting his/her room or even getting updates on their spouse’s condition. How would that make you feel?
    Families who do not accept that someone in their family is gay is too much to ask.
    When a person you love dies and you are not permitted to attend their funeral what would that do to you.

    Stop and think. That is what was permitted until last month. The cruelty, the agony that causes lasts the rest of their lives.

    I had a friend who was transgender. Sadly, she died of melanoma. But the first thing her family did was to make her wear male clothing. Since she owned no male clothing they had to buy her new clothes. They even made her wear men’s underwear.

    None of her friends were permitted to visited her because we called their “brother” she, her, and other proper names.

    As most of her friends were straight, including me, but insisted on calling her as we KNEW her, we were not even told when she passed. To this day they probably think that they are fine Christians when, in fact, they are just lumps of excrement.

    MOST OF US had no idea that she was transgendered. It would have made no difference in how we felt about her. Those horrible excuses of humans couldn’t even treat a member of her family as she wished, all in the belief that she was a sinner and just needed to be like them.
    May God damn them for hurting a really nice young woman.

  3. To bad their parents were able to conceive. These people who write such garbage should also never reproduce.

  4. Thank you for sharing this nasty garbage. I’m going to type this and then make a donation to help us keep going!