Bruner: Pre-K Programs Are Federal Plot to Make Children Gay

If you were disappointed that extremist Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) candidate Mary Lou Bruner had taken her Facebook profile private, therefore depriving you of a window into what she truly thinks, today’s your lucky day.

Via Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith comes a new post from Bruner. In this one, she alleges that public pre-K programs are a federal government plot to make children “confused about their sexuality” and to turn them against parents who don’t “accept Islam and gay marriage.”

Read it for yourself here:

As with pretty much all of her other comments, she offers no evidence to back up any of her claims and we’re left to offer only wild guesses as to where in the world she got this one. Or where she got the one about President Obama working as a gay prostitute to finance a drug habit. Or the one about LBJ assassinating JFK. Or the one about baby dinosaurs starving themselves into extinction after they left Noah’s ark. Or that there are cobras sneaking into the country.

If you’re just finding out about Bruner, you probably think we’re making this up. But we’re not. Here’s our blog file on her to prove it.

Bruner faces Keven Ellis in the May 24 Republican primary runoff, with the winner advancing to face Democrat Amanda Rudolph in November for the right to represent District 9 on the board that decides what children learn in Texas public schools.