Activist Friday: Q & A with Emma from #TxRising at UHD

Texas Rising, the Texas Freedom Network’s project to engage young people in the political process, relies on some incredible individuals doing great work on their college campuses and in their communities all across the state. We’d like to introduce you to some of these amazing young activists advocating for a better, more fair Texas.

Emma BrockwayToday we’re profiling Emma Brockway from Texas Rising at Texas State University.

What issues are you passionate about?
I am passionate about social justice, which includes but is not limited to: reproductive healthcare, civic engagement, public education, LGBT+ equality, and gun control.

Why does a project like Texas Rising matter to you?
Texas Rising matters to me because it aims to engage young people in the electoral process. The electoral process is something that many young people are unaware of, for various reasons. I have been fortunate enough to witness Texas Rising ignite passion for change in young people.

What would an ideal Texas look like to you?
An ideal Texas would be filled with people who work to ensure an equal society and rid the state of its various oppressive practices in place. An ideal Texas would have anti-discriminatory laws in the workplace, a better voter turnout, and easier abortion access.