BREAKING: World Ends Oct. 21

In breaking news out of California, radio evangelist Harold Camping predicts the world will end on May 21, 1988   September 6, 1994   May 21, 2011   October 21, 2011.

You know what they say? The fourth time is the charm.

So there you go, you have until next Friday to get your affairs in order. If you have a birthday next Friday, this news is upsetting. But not as upsetting as it is for the rest of us to know that someone cruelly picked the delicious International Day of the Nacho as the date of the Apocalypse.

Not that we would use the end of times for a shameless plug, but this also means TFN’s 16th annual gala next Thursday will be the last. Tickets can be purchased here.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: World Ends Oct. 21

  1. Why not go the way of Jehovah’s Witnesses and claim that it has actually happened but the unbelievers simply refused to notice (1914 was at least a very good guess in hindsight)?

  2. The moron Camping is already backtracking, demented old fool. Well, he’s a fool all the way to the bank not that it’s going to do a lot for him; he’s at death’s door. So, that makes him simply a greedy old bastard just like the rest of us!

    However, I feel no pity for the simpletons who follow his “church.” What a waste. Seriously, they should sell ALL their stuff and heap it on Camping’s grave when he goes to Old Nick. Fitting.