Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?

As soon as this week, the U.S. Supreme Court could decide whether it will hear a challenge to Texas’ restrictive anti-abortion law. Also this week, far-right politicians will continue to push the notion that Planned Parenthood should be defunded even if it means shutting down the federal government, a move that retiring Speaker John Boehner has suggested ignores political realities and is deeply unpopular with the American public.

So here, attempting to talk some sense into those same politicians by using facts, is our friend Bill Nye the Science Guy.

5 thoughts on “Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?

  1. Brilliant presentation by a brilliant scientist.
    I’ve never been against any religion until now. Can you tell me, please, what the difference is between radical Christianity and radical Islam?

    Radical Muslims kill and destroy what they do not like and to hell with any consequences.

    So do radical Christians. How many innocent people have been cowardly murdered from behind? How many abortion clinics been destroyed.

    Most of the anti-abortionists are MEN. What do they have to do with anything? They say, “Well, it’s only nine months, what’s the big deal?”

    The big deal is that bearing a child is one of the most life-threatening things a woman can do. Women are STILL dying in child birth!

    The thing that turns my anger thermostat is that they are NOT pro-life, they are pro-zygote and pro-embryo. Once born, those radical Christians could care less who is going to feed, shelter, and clothe a newborn? They honestly do not give a royal DAMN about babies. If the mother cannot afford to care for her newborn she is JAILED and her child is put into the most horrible condition known to civilized humanity: They are put into foster care for 18 years.

    Radical Christianity as radical Islam needs to be wiped out. They are animals. They put THEIR “deeply held religious feelings” up against another human’s deeply felt feelings.

    This country is SECULAR country, not a religious country. Religion has no say in what our laws are and should be. If you think it is okay to murder someone simply because you do not like what they do then get the hell out of the United States and move to Iran where THEIR LAWS ARE RELIGIOUS.

    Damn each and every one of you; you know who you are and you are NOT God.

    1. Homosexuality is not a problem in Muslim nations. It is only a problem in predominantly Christian nations. I wonder why. Hmmm, I wonder if it is because, in Muslim states, homosexuals are executed just like innocent babies are murdered in Christian nations by the Bill Nyes and Beverlys who don’t want to be bothered with them.

      1. As usual, Jim K, you have no idea what you’re talking about, you just spout hot-aired, useless, bigoted opinion.

        Check the stats. Abortion is legal in the United States, Jim. Legal. It’s the law. You love the Constitution, do you? Try living the law. The abortion rate in the US is about 17 per 1000. In Egypt and Turkey it’s about 15. In Iran it’s about 8. And in restrictive Indonesia it’s 37! So, how to you explain that, Jimbo?

        Homosexuality is a constant rate across the globe and is only a “problem” in the narrow minds of bigots. Even in Iran the execution of homosexuals is not even 0.002 per thousand. So, basically, Jimbo, everything you wrote is factually incorrect.

        I would suggest, Jimbo, that a better use of your time would be to shout at kids to get off your lawn.

        1. Perhaps what we narrow-minded, bigoted, right-wing Christians are disturbed about is that the U.S. is no better the rest of the world when it comes to appreciating life. If you are correct in saying that Iran only executes .002 per thousand, this amounts to 160 per year out of their population of 80 million.
          Article 110 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code emphasizes killing homosexuals, “Punishment for sodomy is killing; the Sharia judge decides on how to carry out the killing.” Article 111 adds, “Sodomy involves killing if both the active and passive persons are mature, of sound mind and have free will.”
          I wonder how long it will be before the Muslims take a page from Planned Parenthood and figure a way to harvest the body parts of the executed homosexuals and sell them at the Texas Medical Center. What a profit they could make on hearts, kidneys, livers etc.!!!
          As for the kids who play in my front yard, I don’t shout them, I love them and I love their parents for the sacrifices they make in giving them life and caring for them.

  2. Radicals don’t give a shit about the facts. We can inundate them with the facts til we’re blue in the face and it won’t change anything. They’re hellbent their views are right, and any opposition is wrong. They’re willing to shut down the govt over videos that are obviously wrong if any of them would bother to watch. And they’re just fine spewing their righteous indignation whenever and where ever they want. What sickens me more than the politicians are the ppl who lap this shit up hook, line, and sinker. God forbid any of these ppl actually spend their precious time researching anything before demanding policies affecting others when they think they’ll never be subjected to them. They are all boils on the butt of society!