Because It Was None of Your Damn Business, Rep. Zedler

Self-described “conservatives” like Texas state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, constantly insist that they hate when “big government” intrudes into the personal lives of individuals. But their own words and actions often reveal the hypocrisy behind such claims.

The truth is that they support intrusive government when they can use it to impose their own beliefs and wishes on the personal decisions other people make. Case in point: Rep. Zedler’s sneering tweet today regarding the tragic case of a brain-dead, pregnant woman whose husband and parents wanted to follow her wishes and let her pass on in peace:

The short answer is this wasn’t — or shouldn’t have been — the business of anyone else. Mr. Munoz was seeking to carry out the wishes he and his wife, both paramedics, had expressed to each other long before she tragically collapsed at home. Her parents supported him. Moreover, the fetus apparently suffered from severe abnormalities and was not viable.

Munoz prayed for God to take him instead of his wife even as he was forced to ask a judge to require the hospital to remove her from artificial life support. The whole ordeal clearly wasn’t easy for him and his family, yet Zedler feels it appropriate to ask such an accusatory and incredibly cold and offensive question. But that’s what self-righteous politicians do.

Of course, Rep. Zedler isn’t the only politician or political activist who sought to intrude into this family’s heartbreaking dilemma. But enough. Leave this family alone and let them mourn their tragic loss in peace.

7 thoughts on “Because It Was None of Your Damn Business, Rep. Zedler

    1. Nope. Libertarians want the government to butt out of the lives of rich straight white Christian men and control 100% of everyone else’s.

  1. The libertarians that are in the congress now are also anti choice when it comes to women. Also libertarians want to privatize everything just like the Republicans. No thank you. The Libertarians also vote with Republicans all the time.

  2. Why hasn’t Bill Zedler been informed that the first word in a sentence quote begins with capital letter? Just sayin’.

  3. Why doesn’t Zedler the Brave ask the question himself?

    Why doesn’t Zedler take a film crew and confront Mr. Munoz directly?

    Could it be that Zedler is just a couch-Christian? Comfortable in the confines of his house, able to “tweet” stupidity without consequence?

    Come on, Zedler, get out there on the front lines and show us!