Barton: AIDS, Other Diseases are God's Punishments Against Gays

First, credit to our friends at Right Wing Watch for capturing the audio below.

Next, there’s not much that can be added. David Barton‘s comments today, that AIDS is punishment against gays, are vile and speak for themselves. Equally vile is what he added, that if the all-powerful God is somehow bested by humanity and a cure for AIDS is found, God will simply try again and come up with another disease.

Comments are transcribed below, followed by the audio from Barton’s radio show.

I’ve gone on record before, and I’ll say it again: I think Romans 1:27 is one of the reasons that we’ll never find a complete cure for AIDS; and if we do there will be another disease pop up like this bacterial meningitis because the Bible says this, Romans 1:27 says ‘men committed shameful acts with other men, sexual acts, and received in themselves the due penalty for the error.’

There is going to be a consequence for this type of sexual behavior, so even if we find a cure for AIDS, something like bacterial meningitis is going to pop up; if we cure that, something else is going to pop up because God says there is a penalty in your own body when you do this kind of sexual acts – the Bible calls them shameful sexual acts – and so we as Christians have to have that same position, regardless of what the culture says.

14 thoughts on “Barton: AIDS, Other Diseases are God's Punishments Against Gays

  1. Barton is so full of hate and bile that he is hilarious in his extreme homophobia. What I want to know, Barton, is what did heterosexuals do–since they get AIDS, too–to incur God’s wrath and deserve His “due penalty for the error”? Did we, perhaps, call his prophets on Earth “vile,” or “hateful,” or “homophobic,” or “despicable,” or “hate-filled, deceiving, lunatics” who should be ignored by people of intelligence, education, and good will?

    1. ‘What I want to know, Barton, is what did heterosexuals do–since they get AIDS, too–to incur God’s wrath and deserve His “due penalty for the error”?’

      Have you ever heard of the sin of fornication?!?

      1. …or having the woman be on top, something even demons do no dare (therefore succubus = the one lying below = female sex demon; incubus = the one lying on top = male sex demon). And up to the early 20th century having fun itself during sex was considered potentially a deadly sin by the RCC.

  2. He said “and so we as Christians have to have that same position”

    /Beavis and Butthead

  3. an idiot like this is DANGEROUS to society..I guess he thinks when small children are affected with AIDS, and die, GOD is punishing the children… what a SOB to invoke the name of GOD with his jabber..

    1. Since St.Augustine (4th century) kids (even unborn ones) are not considered innocent but hellfodder unless saved by the church. And Luther took this belief up again after the RCC had in re (though not in verbo) essentially dropped it. The RCC did take it up again too then in order not to get outdone and did not drop it again until Vaticanum II. Conservative protestants never dropped it.

  4. I wonder what diseases Barton has and what the Lord is punishing him for doing?

  5. Why does the right act like homosexuality is the only sexual act God finds shameful? He tells us not to commit adultery too, and that includes divorced people who remarry. If God was going to punish sexual sinners with one disease after another, I’d lay odds heterosexuals would outnumber the gays under treatment.

    For some politicians it would be ironic indeed,

  6. Problem; David Barton, delusional, hysterical, unlearned, ignorant, and quite a prevaricator.

    Solutions for problems; other really is no solution for him as a person unless he has a change of heart. For David’s delusional nature there is psychiatric therapy with an emphasis on the nature of reality. For David’s hysterics, there is a bracing dose of being bland and not causing problems. For David’s being unlearned there is education. For David’s ignorance there needs to be a willingness to change but LOL, never gonna’ happen. Lastly for his prevarication there’s a resolution to never tell a lie but that is not going to change because he believes that lying for Jesus is never wrong.

  7. Katherine, You are right when you say all truth comes from God, but I have doubts that you even know God or what the bible says. And, you probably call yourself a Christian. The only way you people can further your liberal agenda is by attacking people who actually believe in God and the bible! Anyone who happens to disagree with you is labeled as a rightwing God-loving fanatic. Why don’t you stop twisting scripture to fit your worldview and read the word of God for what it says. Homosexuality is sin. Murdering babies is sin. Lying is sin. Stealing from someone is sin. All sin is punishable by death in the eyes of a Holy God and only by the blood of Jesus can we become right with God. Repent!!