Barton Boasts of Influencing GOP Platform

David Barton appeared on Glenn Beck’s GBTV yesterday to talk about the controversial 2012 Republican Party Platform, which he says includes 70 motions made by him. 70!

“It’s all good stuff. I mean, this is worth reading. It’s really good stuff.”


(h/t Right Wing Watch)

One thought on “Barton Boasts of Influencing GOP Platform

  1. Vison America is the latest right wing evangelical group to throw up all over Barton’s lies in The Jefferson Lies. This is good stuff from the Christian reconstructionist outfit:

    “With all of these exaggerated and outright dishonest claims about Jefferson, there is indeed one thing about Barton’s book that is apt: its title, The Jefferson Lies. They abound not only from the ‘academic collectivists’ and ‘deconstructionists,’ but in this book as well.”