Aspirin as Birth Control

It’s thinking like this that filters down to school sex ed policies and gives states such as Texas a horrible track record with teen birthrates:

“Back in my days, we used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.”

That was said today by mutual fund manager Foster Friess, who — along with his deep pockets — is supporting Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum.

Let us repeat: That was said today, in the 21st century, not a hundred years ago.

Seriously, these guys are giving us a headache. If only there was something we could take for that. If only.


14 thoughts on “Aspirin as Birth Control

  1. I guess i have to ask why a Christian fundamentalist opposed to fornication knows all about girls pushing aspirin tablets up their middles. Sound kind of odd to you? It sure does to me.

  2. Freese thinks he’s in a frat house bull session circa 1950 and that nothing’s changed in the 60 intervening years. I suspect he’s a mirror of Santorum’s attitudes, except that Santorum’s ear isn’t quite that tinny.

  3. In short, yes, he is that stupid. He knows absolutely nothing about the subject, or costs or availability. He may be rich, but he’s still stupid. And to say that to Andrea Mitchell of all people. Add insensitive and clueless to the list. I am so tired of these people!

  4. Of course he made an idiotic statement, but at the risk of seeming to support the unsupportable, I would point out that it was an attempt at humor. It’s a pretty old joke that, of course, implies that abstinence is the best birth control. We now know that the abstinence only program is unrealistic and quite ineffective. This rich old guy is simply a throwback to a “golden age” when “good girls” did keep their legs together, and there were no unmarried teen mothers or fathers. What? You don’t remember those days? [Neither do I, and I am pretty old.]

  5. This old joke reminds me of one I thought of back in those days right after the pill was introduced (around 1960, as I recall). Did you hear about the beauty contestant who thought the guy was supposed to take the pill? She was crowned Miss Conception.

  6. Not to mention, there’s several quite enjoyable sex positions where keeping an aspirin between the knees isn’t the slightest obstacle to conception….

  7. Speaking of old jokes … I remember an old O’Callahan cartoon in Willamette Week (Portland, OR). Doctor hands a pair of Birkenstock sandals to his young woman patient. “… Wear these. I’m out of birth control pills….”

  8. The “Joke” was a good fit. Foster Friess’ aspirin between the knees comment simply means just keep your legs closed girls! THAT is the best contraception there is! It was not in bad taste that the the joke was told, it was just a joke meant to point out the overreaching power this administration is attempting to use in order to CREATE a controversy that down NOT EXIST!

    It is 100% a Dog and Pony show created by the current Administration because there is NOTHING they can run on otherwise. The GOP is taken aback because they are idiots! The GOP is swallowing that poison pill because most of them are too stupid to simply NOT give it an credulity! GOP members should totally ignore it as what it is NOTHING, except a ruse to take attention away from what this Administration is doing to us all. Stealing from us and giving the stolen proceeded to it’s crony buddies while the Media sits silently by and one in a while sticks it’s own wart covered hand in to the giant pot of ill-gotten cash Obama and his pals are amassing at our expense..