And Fischer Makes Tweet

by Jose Medina

Sometimes Bryan Fischer of the hate group the American Family Association just makes it too easy to call him out.

Do you follow Fischer on Twitter? We do, so you don’t have to. If you did, you’d know that every day he seems to spend hours finding news stories to link to that he uses to make wild generalizations about things — but mostly people — he hates.

And yet for all the generalizations and disregard for the facts, Fischer’s recent tweet about Banned Books Week was surprising in that he didn’t even attempt to sprinkle it with a shred of truth (not that he cares).

Here’s the tweet in question:

This is part of Fischer and the far right’s ongoing claim that the most persecuted group in America are Christians. And proof, according to Fischer, is that the only book banned in public schools is the Bible. Except, it isn’t.

Even more ironic is that Fischer calls out the ACLU in his tweet, because the Texas affiliate of the ACLU has for the past 15 years issued entire reports  on books banned in the state’s schools.

How short would those reports be if Fischer were correct?

Banned Books Report Table of Contents
1. Introduction …. 1
2. List of Banned Books: The Bible …. 2
3. Conclusion …. 3
4. Acknowledgements, Special Thanks to Bryan Fischer …. 4

Fact is there are plenty of books that are not the Bible that have been banned from public schools in Texas or elsewhere. If you sift through the ACLU of Texas’ Banned Books Reports available on its website, you’ll find the Bible was challenged — not banned — only once, in 2002. That’s far less than the amount of times challenges or bans have been leveled against the Harry Potter books, novels by young adult author Lauren Myracle and the constantly banned children’s book “And Tango Makes Three.”

And adding even more to the irony in Fischer’s tweet is that when all these other books that are not the Bible are challenged or banned in schools, it’s often because of people like Fischer.