America vs. the World?

Yesterday’s debate over social studies curriculum standards at the Texas State Board of Education mostly illuminated political biases of board members more than it did good education policies. Many conservative board members opposed, for example, restoring civil rights and labor leader Dolores Huerta to third-grade standards because they say she’s a socialist and isn’t an inappropriate role model for students. Small-minded pettiness was also on display. For example, far-right board members — barely stifling grins and smirks — insisted that the nation’s president be listed in the standards only by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama. They finally backed off after sharp criticism, even from other Republicans on the board.

And then there was right-wing paranoia about American participation in global organizations like the United Nations and in international treaties:


9 thoughts on “America vs. the World?

  1. Oh no !! Mavis Knight’s voice is out from yesterday !! She won’t be able to speak up today as she would, and as we need her to do !!

    TFN, did you get video of Dunbar’s invocation opening this meeting? If so, I think it would be a big hit on YouTube. I’ve never seen an invocation used like that to assert a position on the business of the meeting.

    1. Tony,
      We did get that video and are preparing the clip. We had the same thought you did — outrageously offensive to anyone who doesn’t share her narrow religious beliefs.

  2. I hope these micro-ceph’s get their little jollies while they’re there, because it’s not going to last, and they’re going to be the laughingstock of the world forever after.

    In 10 years the Texas School Board will still be a metaphor for ignorant.

    Or ignernt, I should say.

  3. The Law of inverse Attribution: Tout one’s weakest virtue, blame with one’s strongest vice.

    The alleged concern over sovereignty is a direct assault on the Constitution’s allocation of specified powers of the President and of the Senate in making and ratifying treaties. How else could a country deal with it’s neighbors, and enemies, if not by treaties? We got the Lousians Purchase, the West Coast, and the Mid West by treaty. We signed treaties to end WW1 and WW 2 by treaty.

    Just how does the Righteous Right propose to conduct international relations and trade without treaties?

    Sovereingty isn’t exactly like virginity.

  4. It really is too bad the video isn’t shown in real time on TV. I just watched the clip above and the comments in support of the amendment were just childish. They sounded like the East Muleshoe Sewing Circle talking about recombinant DNA. Not one of the lot who spoke in favor, including uber genius, Don McLeroy, could put together a coherent sentence or express a defensible thought. Sad, truly sad. Here’s hoping this display is the high point of their adventure trampling on reality.