Activist Friday: Q & A with Sara from #TxRising at U of H

Sara Rehman

Texas Rising, the Texas Freedom Network’s project to engage young people in the political process, relies on some incredible individuals doing great work on their college campuses and in their communities all across the state. We’d like to introduce you to some of these amazing young activists advocating for a better, more fair Texas.

Today we’re profiling Sara Rehman, a Texas Rising activist at the University of Houston.

What issues are you passionate about?
I am passionate about feminism and its empowerment for all identities and the history of fights we’ve taken on to combat our global patriarchy, including fighting for equality in terms of education, reproductive rights, and awareness on violence against women. I feel deeply with transnational feminism since it includes all genders and sexualities fighting to abolish these binaries. Issues in transnational feminism I am passionate about are access to abortion, fertility, and maternal health, educational opportunity for all children in impoverished countries, and the rights and awareness of international sex workers and sex trafficking.

Why does a project like Texas Rising matter to you?
Texas is a place where several groups of individuals do not or are not allowed rights on the basis of sexism. Texas Rising combats these ideals in our Texan society and government today, and I feel it is important for everyone to be able to have their rights regardless of who they are or what they believe in. Progression is needed in Texas today and being in Texas Rising is where we band together to raise one collective voice.

How can Texas become a better place?
For one, Sen. Wendy Davis would be governor! Texas would be a racism and sexism free place that doesn’t discriminate or use the law to harm individuals who do not fit the “standard.” Texas would be equal opportunity, safer, fighting the human trafficking crisis in Houston, providing and opening up the closed abortion clinics, and setting education standards to match the international standards so we can compete and give our children the futures they deserve.