Absurd: Creation Museum Says New Dinosaur Skeleton Proves Bible History Is Literally True

The Creation Museum in Kentucky is unveiling a new exhibit: an Allosaurus skeleton that it says proves that the biblical story of creation is true. From Talking Points Memo:

“While evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything to promote their worldview, especially to young students, our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell the account of history according to the Bible,” Ken Ham, president and founder of the Creation Museum and its parent organization, Answers in Genesis, said in a statement. “This remarkable allosaur is a great addition to our dinosaur exhibits. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Peroutka Foundation, which wants to use this great fossil in a God-honoring way.”

A geologist working for Ham’s anti-evolution organization Answers in Genesis claims that the relatively intact skeleton, reportedly discovered 12 years ago in Colorado, “is a testimony to an extremely rapid burial, which is confirmation of the global catastrophe of a Flood a few thousand years ago.” Michael Peroutka, one of the board members of the Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation that provided the skeleton to the Creation Museum, also says the fossil is evidence supporting the Bible’s description of a worldwide, catastrophic flood 4,500 years ago.

No, it isn’t. Such fossils simply show that floods have occurred in the distant past — just like today. And many of those floods did leave creatures entombed in mud — just like today. Moreover, scientific dating methods show that dinosaurs are millions, not thousands, of years old. In fact, Allosaurus dinosaurs lived about 150 million years ago — not 4,500 years ago. But cue the politicians — like members of the Texas State Board of Education — who will insist that science textbooks include the Creation Museum’s arguments as evidence against evolution.

7 thoughts on “Absurd: Creation Museum Says New Dinosaur Skeleton Proves Bible History Is Literally True

  1. So. ….. What kind of “peer review” are these curatures subjecting their proofs? Oh, never mind. Sorry I asked. They don’t do that sort of thing. The sad thing about all of this is, as we all know, kids LOVE dinasaurs which makes them vulnerable to indoctrination.

  2. Dan. I am so glad you made this post today. An intelligent person learns something new every day. Were it not for your post and Ken Ham, I would have continued to believe that science is about competent Christian men and women (and other sane people), evidence, objective hypothesis testing, and mere facts. I now know that modern science is just another two-bit philosophical “worldview” like the Christian fundamentalist reading of the Bible. How can I thank you enough?

    I am still waiting for an answer on why protein-starved Middle Archaic and Late Archaic Native Americans were not eating small, tastes-like-chicken dinosaurs when millions upon millions of these small dinosaurs were roaming the fields and forests less than 5,000 years ago. Not a single human-butchered dinosaur bone has ever been found in an American archaeological site of any period. We find millions upon millions upon millions of butchered bones from the many animals we know lived here 5,000 years ago. Yet, we also know that climate change caused a situation where the lack of enough food forced them to start eating snails. Which would you prefer—a nice juicy hunk of cooked dinosaur or a handful of snail meat from a muddy creek?


    1. Ironically, your sarcasm turns out to be the truth.

      Dinosaur soft tissue
      In seeming desperation, evolutionists turn to iron to preserve the idea of millions of years.

      Bone cells discovered by Schweitzer, showing classic appearances including nuclei and connecting fibrils—from a Brachylophosaurus allegedly 80 million years old!

      by Calvin Smith

      Using Pat Robertson to argue from authority just proves you’re as BSC as he is.