A New Low for Fox News

Media Matters reports that Fox News anchor Heather Childers today used her Twitter account to promote a bizarre birther conspiracy theory that, during the 2008 presidential election, then-candidate Barack Obama’s campaign threatened to have Chelsea Clinton murdered. The “threat” to have Chelsea rubbed out was allegedly part of an effort to keep Bill and Hillary Clinton from “going public” with information showing that Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

You might recall how Fox News helped far-right activists hijack the revision of curriculum standards in Texas in 2009-10. The so-called “fair and balanced” network actually attacked Texas Freedom Network Kathy Miller at the time, broadcasting photographs of her and two others under the caption “Textbook Troublemakers.” One right-wing Texas State Board of Education member made a public point of treating Fox News reporters with cookies at one meeting during the curriculum debate.

UPDATE: Gadfly Donna “Jeffrey Dahmer Believed in Evolution” Garner, who supported the right-wing hijacking of the Texas curriculum standards, is promoting this same kooky Obama-threatened-to-kill-Chelsea conspiracy. Birds of a feather…

10 thoughts on “A New Low for Fox News

  1. Rupert Murdoch is fighting for his life right now, and so he’ll be lashing out at all of his perceived enemies with extra viciousness.
    Hopefully Fox News is on the way down.

  2. A democracy can only survive if an informed electorate is present. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and others talk down to all people and it is sad that people go along with things like a BIRTHER CONSPIRACY. Kathy Miller is not the problem with textbooks.

  3. From France,

    TFN is of great interest for us in France but sometimes there are words we do not understand like this “birther conspiracy”. Any relation with the antiabortion stand of some candidates ?

    Good luck in a state which looks to stand at the lowest level of political backwardness.

    Any answer warmly welcomed.

    1. The term “birthers” refers to people who argue that President Obama was not born, or that there isn’t sufficient evidence that he was born, in the United States and is thus ineligible to serve as president. The Obama administration has released and posted his certificate of birth in Hawaii.

    2. The weirdest thing about the “birther” movement is that even if Barack Obama had been born abroad, he would still have been eligible to be president. The U.S. Constitution does not say that Presidents must have been born in the U.S.; they must be “natural-born citizens.” U.S. courts have ruled that people born abroad who were automatically citizens at birth (like, for example, John McCain), due to one or both parents being U.S. citizens when the child was born, are “natural-born citizens” as much as people born on U.S. soil.
      Even if Obama had been born abroad, he would have gotten automatic citizenship through his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and so would still be eligible for the office of President.

  4. Dan. I could be wrong, but this sounds like Gary Gaulin to me. The last name, whether it be correct or made up, is French enough for me. Gary from Gaul? Can you check to see if this guy has the same Internet address digits as Gary.

    I am at least courteous enough to tell you guys when I am reverting temporarily to my alter wingnut ego Charlene. Anyone else doing that should too. That is just my thinking on it. If you disagree, that is fine.

  5. Unfair and Unbalanced could not be a better description of the people whose faces appear on Faux Snooze. They are sick; vindictive creatures that should be sent to a mental institution and kept their until they die. Harsh? You bet. My next door neighbor watches Faux and believes EVERYTHING they say. His wife will not watch it with him; she watches MSNBC.
    NOW HEAR THIS: Whether President Obama was born in the United States or in Timbuktu is of no consequence. He was born of an AMERICAN CITIZEN which makes HIM an American citizen regardless of where she was when she gave birth to him. Why is that never mentioned?
    The only “secret” is how SCOTUS put GWB as POTUS.
    Thank God that Santorum has chickened out. Now that leaves the way open for Romney to fall flat on his face. President Obama is going to CREAM HIM unless the Pubs screw up the voting system which I would NOT put it past them.
    Romney’s popularity with the Hispanic community is 14%…and maybe less with other groups.
    Me? I’ve a hunch that this is going to be the biggest win that anyone from any party has ever won.
    Mr. Obama is hands down one of the most intelligent presidents this country has ever had; Romney is one of the least intelligent flippers we’ve ever seen.

    Let the fight begin!