Why Isn't Bill Zedler Angry about Ted Nugent Glorifying Sex with Teen Girls?

Texas state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, is upset that rocker Ted Nugent’s racist insults (like “subhuman mongrel”) about President Obama and his equally repugnant attacks on Hillary Clinton  (like “toxic c***,” “two-bit whore” and “worthless bitch”) have made the news.

Of course, Zedler is conveniently ignoring the extensive media coverage of Maher’s crude and deeply offensive insult of Palin. He is also ignoring some other important facts. For one thing, President Obama didn’t defiantly campaign with Maher and refer to him as his “blood brother” — as Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has done with Nugent. Moreover, this isn’t just about the numerous racist, misogynistic, homophobic and other vile insults Nugent has vomited over the years.

Nugent has also bragged about having sex with minors. He has even glorified preying on 13-year-old girls in his music, as the Dallas Morning News points out. The newspaper notes these lyrics to “Nugent’s 1981 paean to sex with underage girls entitled Jailbait”:

Jailbait you look so good to me Jailbait won’t you set me free Jailbait you look fine fine fine I know I’ve got to have you in a matter of time

Well I don’t care if you’re just thirteen You look too good to be true I just know that you’re probably clean There’s one lil’ thing I got to do to you

Jailbait you look so good to me Jailbait won’t you set me free Jailbait you look fine fine fine I know I’ve got to have you in a matter of time

So tell your mama that I’m back in town She likes us boys when it’s time to get down She’s got this craving for the underage I just might be your mama’s brand new rage.

Rep. Zedler launched his political career more than a decade ago by helping form a group called Decency for Arlington, which opposed  the opening of a Hooters restaurant and bar in his hometown. He claimed that Hooters, known for dressing its female servers in tight shorts and tank tops, would attract sexual predators. In response, local firefighters who supported the restaurant wore t-shirts proclaiming: “Mr. Zedler, I’m not a sexual predator.”

Now Zedler is making excuses for a musician who glorifies sex with 13-year-old girls and the gubernatorial candidate who campaigns with him. Talk about hypocrisy.

9 thoughts on “Why Isn't Bill Zedler Angry about Ted Nugent Glorifying Sex with Teen Girls?

  1. Talk about spelling. Sheesh!!! Did he learn that spelling in Texas public schools? Does that tell us something?

  2. Can any of these people who keep defending Nugent by bringing up Maher’s offensive description of Palin come up with the name of a single Democratic officeholder who defended Maher’s remark, much less invited him to appear with them at a campaign function? The answer, of course, is no.

  3. I’d NEVER vote for Greg Abbott, any one who would associate with the likes of Ted Nugent is BEYOND REPULSIVE..while it is true that I ama democrat, and I would vote Democrat.. I can not in all honesty fathom how anyone could vote for a person who would be associated with this scum… If he were representing the Democrat ticket, I’d write in a name , and give my political party pure hell for stooping to this level..

  4. As reprehensible as many Republican politicians and candidates are proving themselves to be, what is equally reprehensible as that so many Texans choose to VOTE for them. I fear it will take a generation or two to purge the “Vote the Bible” and “three G” (God, gays & guns) mentality from the electorate.

  5. I find it more fascinating why Ted gets skewered for writing about underage girls in the past.. Songs about that have been written by artists like the Beatles (saw her standing ther), Chuck Berry (several songs), Steely Dan “‘Everyone’s Gone to the Movies’ “, Jim Croce “Plaster Caster”, ZZ Top “Francene”, Kiss “Christine Sixteen”, Rolling stones “Stray cat blues” and the list goes on and on and on for songs about jailbait…

    It’s amusing to me to single out just one performer for it, but then the spiteful, hateful and usually either hypocritical or just inaccurate vitriol spewed about Nugent in online comments far outpaces anything he’s ever said.

    1. John: We’re unaware of any of those other musicians campaigning with a politician who boasts about his efforts to end sexual exploitation of children. Moreover, it’s more than just the songs Nugent has written about sex with underage girls. He has bragged about it publicly.

      1. Many rock stars have bragged about it. Doesn’t change the fact you see just as much and just as hurtful and hateful speech spewed in comments on these articles as anything Nugent ever says. If folks hate what he does so much why drop to the same level?

        Personally I try to listen to the message and not go after the messenger, ad hominem attack syndrome isn’t my thing. If a person is spewing nonsense ideas I can debate those ideas just fine without stooping to that level. That and Mom taught me when I was a kid in the 60’s if I can’t say something good about someone it’s best to say nothing at all.

        Which I suppose is part of why I’m independent as a voter, and despise that I only get to choose between the usually equally awful candidates pre screened for me by either party, and part of why independents now outnumber members of both parties combined.

        I came here to help fight the school book fight and donated, and as an early retiree at 54 was ready to go speak in Austin. After reading the comments from many newsletter items TFN has e-mailed me, I may have made a mistake and I think maybe I should distance myself from TFN entirely.

    2. John, in “I Saw Her Standing There,” the only physical contact with the 17-yr-old mentioned is holding her hand and dancing with her. I don’t think those activities are considered statutory rape, which is what Ted Nugent committed with his underage partners.