When Genius Passes You By

by TFN

Who knew that all the world’s best climate scientists and their research could be proven wrong by a fringe political activist from Minnesota?

We told you in May that Don McLeroy, still chair of the Texas State Board of Education at the time, wanted to appoint to the social studies curriculum “expert panel” a political activist from Minnesota who made his career opposing abortion, homosexuality and a list of other “culture war” demons. Allen Quist — whose academic work includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in speech, but nothing in social studies — has also created a “curriculum module” that has students discuss historical “evidence” for the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs and the effects of “Darwinism” on American law and politics. Fortunately, Quist’s nomination to the “expert” panel failed for lack of support from a second board member.

But now this supposed social studies “expert” claims that a map from the 1500s, supposedly rediscovered in 1960 in government archives, proves that the world’s scientists are all wrong when it comes to global warming:

“The map demonstrates that Antarctica had been extensively explored and mapped long before it was known to the Western world. Since Antarctica was much warmer when some of the source-maps were drawn than it is today, the theory that man-made carbon dioxide emissions are the primary cause of climate change must be given up.”

So there you have it. All of the world’s best climate scientists can finally turn their attention to something else. And the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in August can be cancelled. Quist has a map showing they’re all wrong! And to think that Texas students won’t be benefitting from this man’s genius…


Carisa Lopez

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