The Week in Quotes (Jan. 7 – 13)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Democratic candidate for governor Lupe Valdez, calling for a “new Texas” that would put residents ahead of controversial policies like the sanctuary cities law, proposed bathroom bills other issues she said are on the fringe.

“They have made up issues, bathrooms, sanctuary cities, massive voter fraud, Jade Helm. Who doesn’t remember all these silly things? It would be amusing, if it wasn’t causing so much harm.”


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, defending President Trump’s intellect in a radio interview. His praise extended to declaring that Trump is the greatest president since Reagan.

“He is one of the smartest people I have ever met in politics. He’s able to analyze things so quickly. He’s a great listener. Very, very bright.”


Dallas Independent School District Trustee Miguel Solis, commenting on a newly approved resolution to correct racial and economic inequities in DISD schools.

“It’s going to lay the path for not just acknowledgement of the history…but also a path for remediation, and for real conversations about equity and equality and how to move our city forward for every single child to feel like they matter in this city, regardless of circumstances.”


Dr. Randy Davis, superintendent of Marshall Public Schools in Michigan.

“Students making a choice to leave their resident districts are usually more economically advantaged than their peers. Which, in turn, leaves the economically disadvantaged students behind … being educated in a school with less resources. And many of these students are also children of color. This results in more segregated schools, sharper contrasts between the ‘haves and the have nots,’ less diversity and inclusion in schools, fragmented communities where neighborhood children attend different school systems, and where communities have lost their local school identity…without equity, the voucher debate is a rigged game.”