The Week in Quotes (Feb. 18 – 24)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Cameron Kasky, a 17-year-old junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

“But this time, my classmates and I are going to hold them to account. This time we are going to pressure them to take action. This time we are going to force them to spend more energy protecting human lives than unborn fetuses.”


Jeff March, president of SC Pride, on a South Carolina bill that would define same-sex marriage as “parody marriage.”

“The word ‘parody’ is very comical in its definition. They want to call our marriage that we fought so hard for… a ‘parody marriage.’ That insults me on the deepest level.”


Luke Darby, a writer for GQ Magazine, on the Florida Legislature’s shameless refusal to take action to prevent another mass shooting, whilst touting porn as a pressing, dangerous issue.

“According to Florida’s legislature the real threat to the health and safety of the state’s teens isn’t how easy it is for their classmate to legally purchase an AR-15. The pressing, immediate danger is in all those erotic Tumblrs out there.”


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which issued a remedial electoral district map designed to undo the state’s Republican gerrymander in a move intended to reconcile what their state constitution guarantees: “free and equal” elections.

“A diluted vote is not an equal vote, as all voters do not have an equal opportunity to translate their votes into representation. [Thus,] each and every Pennsylvania voter must have the same free and equal opportunity to select his or her representatives.”


Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller, in a statement regarding the TFN Education Fund’s newest report, “Taking Politics Out of Classrooms: Recommendations for Revising the Texas Social Studies Curriculum Standards.”

“They called slavery a ‘side issue’ in the Civil War. They glorified so-called ‘Confederate heroes,’ and even suggested that civil rights may have had negative consequences for our country.”