The Week in Quotes (April 2 – 8)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

TFN President Kathy Miller, on religious refusal laws, which would create a license to discriminate under the guise of “religious freedom.”

“These politicians are trying to radically redefine religious freedom to mean the right to hurt people because of who they are, or whom they love. That’s discrimination, not freedom.”


The editorial board of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Religious liberty laws don’t give religious freedom — they take it away.”


Roberta Kaplan, the lead attorney in the case challenging Mississippi’s religious freedom law.

“The entire point of the religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment is to protect the religious beliefs of all Americans, not just the views of some Americans, or even the views of the majority of Americans. By enshrining three specific, anti-gay religious beliefs not held by all religions or religious people in Mississippi law, and by giving Mississippians who hold those beliefs an absolute exemption from a wide variety of otherwise generally-applicable laws and regulations, HB 1523 flies in the face of this long and cherished constitutional tradition.”


Yvonne Gutierrez, executive director for Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, at a rally at the Capitol in support of reproductive health access.

“We’re here to tell Greg Abbott and his sidekick Dan Patrick: Not on our watch.”


State Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston, referring to the voucher bill passed by the Texas Senate. The Texas House early Friday approved a budged that included a provision blocking funding for SB3 and all other private school voucher bills.

“Good-bye SB3.”

An exchange in the Texas Senate during discussion of a bill that would bar cities from banning up to six chickens at residential properties.

“Who would carry this bill forward in the House?”

“We’re talking to Rep. Linda Koop.”