The More You Know

Mike Huckabee is after your children!

No, really, he is.

The former Arkansas governor, who until last Saturday toyed with the idea of another run at the White House, has come out with a cartoon retelling of America’s history, available on DVD (and for $9.95 for the first episode).

Below is a preview from the Learn Our History animated video series:


Did you catch the part where the kids are told to charge TOWARD the guy with the gun? Yeah, that’s a nice message to children. What about the dangerous amoral minority who wants your money?

This “retelling” shouldn’t be surprising coming from the man who once used the term “greatest living historian” in reference to David Barton. More recently he also declared all Americans should be forced at gunpoint to listen to Barton.

While Barton is not listed on the Learn Our History site as being involved with Huckabee’s new project, the cartoons do seem to be from the Barton/far-right playbook of attacking academia as distorters of our “true” history, so we’ll just come up with our own version of events.

In one of the clips below, one of the cartoon characters jovially declares in her adorable cartoon voice:

What we see in here isn’t always the same as what we read in books, or what we see on TV. So what?! We know the truth, and that’s good enough for us.

And Huckabee writes this in the Learn Our History website:

Many of our schools and teachers today haven’t found ways to make history for kids fun. Instead, they’re teaching with political bias that distorts facts for the sake of political correctness. As a result, our national pride and patriotism are in jeopardy.

And even if Barton isn’t involved, it’s difficult to believe these DVDs haven’t made their way to Barton’s WallBuilder’s headquarters in Aledo, Texas. At a minimum the DVDs probably have Barton’s endorsement, errrr, blessing.

If you’re interested in a far-right version of history in animated form, you now have a place to spend your money. If you’d rather spend your money elsewhere but are still curious enough to want to see more, below are a few more clips.

Origins of World War II:


More from the Reagan Revolution:


And a third clip from the Reagan Revolution:


5 thoughts on “The More You Know

  1. I liked it where she said, “He talks in ways that we can understand.”

    My translation: These learning materials were made for people dumber than dirt.