The 2021 Legislature and Winning the Future

A special session of the Texas Legislature got underway on July 8. Why Gov. Abbott felt the need to call for a special session has a lot to do with what did and didn’t happen during the regular session that ended in May.

Even though the state faced critical issues like fixing the power grid that failed during February’s winter storm, the Republican-led legislature instead focused a lot of its time on:

  • Voter suppression legislation
  • Banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth and barring transgender kids from school sports
  • Making abortion care even more difficult, or practically impossible, to obtain
  • Censoring history in our classrooms

Despite those challenges, the Texas Freedom Network and our partners could point to some important victories. Below is TFN’s report on the regular session, what legislation passed and what didn’t, and how it will impact the 30-day special session.

TFN – 2021 Lege Report by txfredomnetwork on Scribd