TFN Statement on President Trump’s Federal Judge Nominations

TFN President: Today’s Judicial Nominations are a ‘Gift’ to Anti-LGBT Activists


Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller released the following statement on today’s nomination by President Donald Trump of 16 individuals to federal judgeships across the country.

Included on President Trump’s list are Jeff Mateer and Matthew Kacsmaryk, both of whom have ties to the Plano, Texas-based First Liberty Institute, an anti-LGBT litigation group.

“This is a clear a signal that President Trump intends to make our federal courts the place where civil rights go to die,” Miller said. “Today’s nominations are the president’s latest gift to the anti-LGBT and religious-right activists who have supported him since the campaign.”

Kacsmaryk is currently the deputy general counsel at First Liberty. Mateer was First Liberty’s general counsel until last year, when he was appointed First Assistant Attorney General by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

In Mateer’s case, he has repeatedly claimed that the separation of church and state is not a Constitutional principle.

Miller added, “It should frankly frighten all Americans that two individuals tied to an organization devoted to ensuring that religious freedom is a privilege reserved for some, but not all, could be rewarded with lifetime appointments to the federal bench.”


The Texas Freedom Network is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of religious and community leaders who support religious freedom and individual liberties.