TFN Statement on HERO Ruling

A state judge today ruled that opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance did not gather enough valid petition signatures to force a repeal vote on the ordinance, which bars discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, religion, gender, military status and other categories. The anti-discrimination protections cover employment, housing and public accommodations.

TFN President Kathy Miller had this to say about today’s ruling:

The political activists who want to repeal this common sense ordinance reject the basic values we all share about equality and nondiscrimination. They have even argued for the right to discriminate against anyone, including LGBT people and religious minorities. That alone shows why it’s so important for the city to finally enforce these basic protections for everyone.

2 thoughts on “TFN Statement on HERO Ruling

  1. Doncha just love the inability of some people to put their brains in gear to understand that LGBT human beings are just like you and me. Their sexuality was formed long before they were born.

    The idea that they are somehow different from the rest of us is simply not true. They listen to their pipsqueak of a god who said “Hate others the way they should love you.”

  2. I must have been sleeping since 1964 because I though that the CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS were passed in that year.

    Discrimination for any supposed reason is an abomination. Read the Declaration of Independence: All men are created equal.

    People who wish to discriminate against others need to get psychiatric treatment and, if found to be as mentally unbalanced, be hospitalized until they get cured of their bigotry…if possible.