TFN President Receives National Award

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller was honored last night at the 23rd annual Gloria Awards: A Salute to Women of Vision, which celebrates women who through their work and actions build the power to ignite social change across the nation.

The awards were presented by the Ms. Foundation last night in New York and are named after its co-founder, Gloria Steinem, a longtime activist for women’s equality.

After first serving as TFN’s deputy director from 1996 to 2000, Kathy returned to the organization as president in January 2005. During her time at TFN, she has helped the organization become a respected and influential champion of religious freedom, civil liberties and strong public schools. In addition, phenomenal growth in TFN’s membership, staff and budget since 2005 has reinforced the organization’s status as the nation’s preeminent state-based counter voice to far-right political extremism.

Congratulations, Kathy!

Click here if you would like to make a gift to TFN in Kathy’s honor.

6 thoughts on “TFN President Receives National Award

  1. Yea, Kathy!!! Short lived, though, considering the Rapture and everything. Anyway …

  2. Well, it looks as if Kathy will get some time to enjoy her award after all. However, the radio network is broadcasting the message now that the danger will not be officially over until midnight. Sounds like revisionist prophecy to me.