TFN President Kathy Miller: New Leadership Needed on State Board of Education

by TFN Insider

TFN President Kathy Miller: New Leadership Needed on State Board of Education

Sen. Deuell’s Statement That Lowe Lacks Votes for Confirmation as Chair Is Good News for Texas Schoolchildren

March 11, 2011

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is releasing the following statement in response to a report in the Texas Tribune today that Senate Nominations Committee Chairman Bob Deuell believes Gail Lowe does not have the votes to be confirmed as chairwoman of the State Board of Education.

“We’re pleased to see senators recognize that the state board needs new leadership that will finally put the education of Texas schoolchildren ahead of personal and political agendas. Unfortunately, Ms. Lowe has done nothing to bring an end to the unnecessary and divisive culture war battles that have dominated the board’s work and turned education in Texas into a punch line in national jokes. And the first act of a new chairperson should be to have board members reconsider the recklessly politicized social studies standards they burdened our classroom teachers and students with last year.”


The Texas Freedom Network is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of religious and community leaders who support public education, religious freedom and individual liberties.


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