TFN President Applauds Final Version of Publisher’s Science Materials

TFN President Applauds Final Version of Publisher’s Science Materials

Holt McDougal had been target of anti-science activists

August 15, 2011

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller today applauded recently finalized science instructional materials from publisher Holt McDougal. The State Board of Education last month approved materials from nine publishers for use in state public schools, but in the case of Holt McDougal did so conditionally after special interest groups and activists off the board targeted its materials for changes that would have included creationist arguments against evolutionary science. Holt McDougal and Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott agreed to work together to finalize the materials. A review by TFN, the National Center for Science Education and other scientists has found that the finalized Holt McDougal product is in line with established mainstream science.

The following statement is from TFN President Kathy Miller:

“The release of Holt McDougal’s finalized materials puts an end to a campaign to undermine science education in Texas that began with the board’s adoption of flawed science curriculum standards two years ago. There is now no doubt that this is an unequivocal victory for sound science. But more importantly, it is a victory for Texas school children who are now assured that their science instruction will be free of political agendas and will instead be solely focused on fact-based science that will prepare them for college and a 21st-century economy.”

Final changes to Holt materials (PDF)


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