TFN Insider Comments Policy

The 2010 primary elections are in March, and candidates are lining up in a number of races. So we wanted to post this reminder on our comments policy:

Because of TFN’s nonprofit, tax-exempt status, TFN Insider posts and comments cannot endorse or oppose particular candidates for election. There is no restriction against discussing the relative qualities of candidates and their positions on issues. (In addition, we will try to keep readers informed about Web sites and other information relative to the candidates, regardless of their political party or affiliation.)

Thanks in advance for your understanding and help on this.

6 thoughts on “TFN Insider Comments Policy

  1. May I ask one other thing related to this TFN?

    The national Republican Party is in the process of fragmenting into various “sects” or “denominations” along ideological lines. Those of us who watch such things closely have seen it going on quietly behind the scenes for some time now, but all of the factions are now coming out of their various closets to do public battle with each other, and it appears that they are no longer able to keep a lid on the strife. Our friend PHarvey is a member of one of the more reasonable factions. The denizens of the SBOE are members of a faction that many Republicans (and a lot of other people—including Christians) believe needs to be driven back to live under the moist rock it emerged from back in the late 1970s—not as a matter of politics one way or the other—but as a matter of warped ideology. It would be a shame to be unable to discuss the overarching significance of that rift for the direction in which governmental entities like the SBOE might go.

  2. Afaik, a non-profit can discuss a candidate’s (or party’s) positions on issues relevant to its members, even in such terms as to imply that its membership would be crazy to support a particular candidate. All it cannot do is ‘connect the dots’ and actually tell its members to vote for or against a candidate or party.