TFN Commends Thomas Nelson Publishing for Pulling David Barton’s Distorted Book on Thomas Jefferson

TFN Commends Thomas Nelson Publishing for Pulling David Barton’s Distorted Book on Thomas Jefferson

Barton’s The Jefferson Lies was the subject of a TFN Education Fund review published last month that found numerous inaccuracies and distortions

August 9, 2012

The Texas Freedom Network commends Thomas Nelson Publishing for its decision — as reported today in WORLD Magazine — to cease publication of David Barton’s latest, controversial book, The Jefferson Lies.

For years Barton has brushed aside criticisms of his distorted work by claiming he is the victim of attacks from anti-Christian secularists and liberal academics. That makes today’s decision by a leading evangelical publisher even more damning, said TFN President Kathy Miller.

“It’s clear that even the evangelical community is starting to see David Barton for what he is a propagandist who distorts history for political and ideological purposes,” Miller said. “The question is now, will politicians and pundits who have promoted his views have the integrity to follow suit and repudiate Barton?”

Barton has long been a fixture in far-right politics in Texas, serving as vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party from 1997 to 2006. Barton also served as an “expert” reviewer during the Texas State Board of Education’s controversial revision of social studies curriculum standards in 2010. More recently, he has been embraced by influential political figures like Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee and Glenn Beck.

In July, the TFN Education Fund joined the growing chorus of Barton critics by releasing a scholarly review of The Jefferson Lies written by Dr. Steven Green of the Center for Religion, Law & Democracy at Willamette University. The review by Dr. Green found that Barton’s book on Jefferson includes many of the same problems as his previous works, reinforcing widespread criticism that Barton distorts history in the service of an ideological argument. Some of the more glaring distortions found by Dr. Green are Barton’s claims that Jefferson was a religiously devout, near-evangelical Christian who never intended to keep church and state separate.

Dr. Green’s review of The Jefferson Lies can be found at Additional resources on Barton are located at