TFN 2016 Endorsement Slate: State Board of Education

The Texas Freedom Network is pleased to endorse the following candidates for the State Board of Education 2016 general election.*

SBOE District 5
Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D)


SBOE District 6
R. Dakota Carter (D)


SBOE District 9
Amanda Rudolph (D)


SBOE District 10
Judy Jennings (D)


These candidates are involved in tight election contests. Your support can make a critical difference in helping elect leaders who support our mainstream values. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Vote for these candidates on election day, November 8.
    (Early voting: October 24 through November 4)
  • Contact their campaigns and offer to help. Volunteer support is always welcome in the final weeks of the campaign. Please tell the campaigns that you support the Texas Freedom Network.
  • Talk to family members, friends and associates who live and vote in the districts where TFN has endorsed candidates. Share your support for these candidates and encourage your own network to support them as well.

We hope our endorsements not only help you to make informed decisions at the ballot box, but also inspire you to help the campaigns of those candidates for office who truly support the ideals we all share: a commitment to religious freedom, individual liberties and strong public schools.


*Texas Freedom Network Endorsement Criteria
The Texas Freedom Network awarded endorsements on a nonpartisan basis to any interested candidate who responded to a questionnaire and registered 100% support for TFN’s positions on the following issues:

  • Key reforms to textbook and curriculum adoption processes at State Board of Education
  • Encouraging school districts to offer ethnic studies courses, including Mexican-American history
  • Rigorous instruction on evolution and climate change in science classes
  • Accurate and honest history materials, including appropriate instruction on separation of church and state
  • Medically accurate sex education that includes information on contraception and disease prevention
  • No taxpayer dollars for private school vouchers or similar schemes
  • Strong school bullying protections, including for gay and lesbian students

Political advertising paid for by the Texas Freedom Network. None of the content on this page was paid for by, or belongs to, the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.