Right-wing Candidate for Texas Ed Board Isn’t Happy with TFN

BrunerFlagWe told you last week about the outrageous things Texas State Board of Education candidate Mary Lou Bruner publicly claims on her Facebook page. Among them: that President Obama was a gay prostitute so that he could fund his drug addiction, that Democrats conspired to assassinate President Kennedy, that evolution “is a religious philosophy … supporting the religion of Atheism,” and that climate change is a hoax Marxists are using to take over the world.

Well, Bruner isn’t happy with TFN. From her Facebook page on Wednesday:

The Texas Freedom Network’s name is very misleading. Texas Freedom Network is controlled by radical liberals who believe Freedom of Speech and the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights are only for liberals and progressives, not for conservative Americans. TFN believes conservative Americans should allow the liberals to have their way on every issue because if liberals do not get their way they throw a fit.

I will gladly wear the TFN “Badge of Dishonor” which the radical liberal organization awarded me for my testimony before the State Board of Education condemning Islamic bias in Texas textbooks. I stand by my testimony and by my belief that the USA should not accept refugees for resettlement from countries controlled by ISIS when USA citizens KNOW many of the refugees are not refugees at all but Radical Islamic Terrorists who plan to kill as many USA citizens as possible.

Bruner made her comments when she shared the Facebook post of a supporter who calls TFN President Kathy Miller “a heavily discredited Left-wing wacknut.”

How special.