Texas RR Group Says 'Homosexual Advocates' Are 'Persecuting Christians'

As LGBT families gain marriage equality in state after state, the opposition is becoming increasingly desperate and vicious. Today, for example, a Texas religious-right group launched a new hate-filled and almost unhinged attack on supporters of marriage equality.

In a fundraising email to far-right activists, Texas Values, the lobby arm of Plano-based Liberty Institute, claims that anti-gay Christians are suffering from discrimination:

“Christians in Texas and across the country are being persecuted, intimated [sic], and punished for simply expressing the biblical view of marriage.”

The sneering email even suggests that same-sex couples don’t seek to marry because they love each other and want to protect their family. No, the email says, the fight for marriage equality is about using “government to elevate the homosexual lifestyle” (emphasis in original):

Here’s the dirty little secret––“gay marriage” isn’t about marriage at all. It’s not about couples exchanging rings or wedding vows. As marriage touches every part of our society, this destructive effort is actually a strategy to use the government to elevate the homosexual lifestyle to a status in law above the free exercise of religion. It’s true, homosexual advocates want their sexual lifestyle to trump religious liberty. And they’ll use this power to shut up those with traditional values and directly attack our last refuge––the church.

“Gay marriage” is their way to accomplish this––by forcing homosexuality into every legal matter involving matrimony. There’s no way to save religious liberty without first safeguarding marriage.

Of course, the email fails to explain how “religious liberty” came to mean allowing some to impose their personal religious beliefs on people who don’t share them. And it ignores the many clergy and other people of faith who support marriage equality for LGBT families.

6 thoughts on “Texas RR Group Says 'Homosexual Advocates' Are 'Persecuting Christians'

  1. The bigots are as desperate as you would expect as they become more and more irrelevant. The next generation knows better than the strident far right voices would have you belive, and the far right understands the inevitable changes. Thus their screams of terrfor.

  2. Har maties:

    “Christians in Texas and across the country are being persecuted, intimated [sic], and punished for simply expressing the biblical view of marriage.”

    Might that be a Freudian slip or perhaps Freudian panties?

  3. I have gay relatives. None of them have denied me any of my religious rights, and my marriage to my wife (female) is still okay.

  4. Because this is the 150th anniversary of The Civil War, I think it is interesting that Jon feels that the “last refuge” of traditional southern culture is the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical church. That says two things to me:

    1) The process of destroying southern culture that Republican Abraham Lincoln began in 1861 is still continuing today and is on course to achieve its original intent (to bring the South into cultural alignment with the rest of the nation).

    2) The Southern opposition is getting desperate and has retired to its last rat hole to put up some kind of meaningless and futile defense.