Texas: A Big State With Small-Minded Leaders

The Legislature is coming back on July 18.

Yes, Gov. Greg Abbott announced today that he is calling lawmakers back for a special session next month because, apparently, five months of beating up on the most vulnerable Texans wasn’t divisive and extreme enough.

We’re going to need your help.

The governor’s agenda for the special session is essentially Dan Patrick’s agenda, including:

  • Passing a discriminatory anti-transgender “bathroom bill”
  • Implementing even more unnecessary and cruel abortion restrictions
  • Setting up a private school voucher scheme that funnels tax dollars from neighborhood public schools to private schools with no accountability

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Calling lawmakers back to Austin means simply doubling down on the culture wars. Frankly, stunts like this make Texas look more and more to the rest of the country like a big state with very small-minded leaders.

We will keep you informed about what you can do to stop these bills in the coming 30-day session. Meanwhile, please consider donating to help TFN fight back against Gov. Abbott and the culture war extremists in the Legislature.