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From today’s TFN News Clips:

“[I]f the Beshear administration is determined that Kentucky should cash in on its stereotypes — and wants to fight Indiana to snare the theme park — why stop with creationism? How about a Flat-Earth Museum? Or one devoted to the notion that the sun revolves around the Earth? Why not a museum to celebrate the history and pageantry of methamphetamines and Oxycontin? Surely a spot can be found for an Obesity Museum (with a snack bar). And while we’re at it, let’s redo the state’s slogan. Let’s try: Kentucky — Unbridled Laughingstock.”

— The Louisville Courier-Journal, editorializing against the Kentucky governor’s efforts to promote a creationism theme park in the state, possibly with tax dollars.

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10 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. I’m just grateful that, at least this time, the “Unbridled Laughingstock” is Kentucky instead of Texas…

  2. I just emailed a letter to the Louisville Courier-Journal commending their ediorial and noting that state aid for the creationist theme parl clearly violates Section 5 of the Kentucky constitution’s Bill of Rights. — Edd Doerr, President, Americans for Religious Liberty

  3. The obesity museam belongs in Houston which has more restaurants per capita and pound per capita nationwide. Only our cuisine is by far the best in the world for variety, quality and cost.

  4. The Ark Encounter is a for-profit LLC managed by non-profit Answers in Genesis. The argument runs that the LLC should get the tax break because it is just an ordinary business operating an ordinary theme park. What’s the big deal?

    So, I could in theory form an LLC to build an Entertainment Megaplex managed by a megachurch, which would use it for their services, evangelism and presumably their “management” fee would be tax exempt. Plus I could file for state and federal money because the LLC is creating jobs.

    What am I missing here besides a catchy name for my LLC??

  5. “Doc Bill’s Church and Grill”

    “Other-Worlds of Fun”

    “Dante’s 7 Circles of Fun”

    “Six Gags Over Texas”

    “Cedars-of-Lebanon Point”

    “Tush Gardens” Convert Here And Save Your A$$ !!

    “C World” Feel Just Like GWB at Yale!

    “The Pistol Cathedral”


  6. Pistol Cathedral? What does that have to do with Creationism? Or are we relegating the Second Amendment along with the First Amendment in the garbage?

    Neither is Dante any part of Creationist claptrap … it’s got too many pages and not enough pictures.

    The Guns and Bible rhetoric goes back before the London Company landed set up shop in Jamestown, VA.

  7. Gordon, “Pistol Cathedral” is a play on the now-bankrupt “Crystal Cathedral.” Aren’t Texans allowed to carry in church?

    You can earn a “Creationism” trophy in the PS3/XBox game “Dante’s Inferno.”

    I’m sure Doc Bill’s facility with words will produce a winner of a name for his proposed park, anyway.

  8. Sorry, I thought it was a reference to the “Crystal Pistol”, an equally bankrupt strip joint in Houston back before there were Six Flags Over Texas.