Talking Points

From today’s TFN News Clips:

“I believe that all dinosaurs were born of Satanic angel who has sex with woman and the animal kingdom that created ungodly reptilian creatures none of these were on the Ark.”

— Stephen Johnson, a veteran Dallas County jail guard, discussing his beliefs about the origin of dinosaurs. Johnson has been fired for making offensive comments about his religious beliefs to co-workers. Johnson says he believes gay people “should be put to death” but that his beliefs don’t lead him to treat gay people any differently than he does other folks.

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5 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. Wow, the anti-gay rights folks have a new hero !!!
    The gays don’t stand a chance now.

  2. I’ll bet there was a few Christians who complained about this knucklehead. He should hook up with Ted Haggard’s old job; According to his picture, he’s got the hairdo for a lucrative career as a preacher.

  3. Mr. Johnson would fit right in in Virginia where the allegedly “moderate” Republican governor has revoked the rights of homosexual state employees. They can now be fired just for being homosexual.

    Maybe Gov McDonnell will agree with the Mr. Johnsons of America and make homosexuality a capital crime.