Talking Points

From today’s TFN News Clips:

“There’s a cultural war going on in our society today. I feel that homosexual behavior is an affront to the family values of one man-one woman, and homosexual behavior, to any society that’s embraced it, has led to the extinction of that society.”

— Dave Wilson, longtime anti-gay activist, defending his new mail piece to Houston voters attacking one of the candidates in the city’s mayoral runoff election because she is a lesbian

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4 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. He’s right, y’know. Caligula and those other Romans caught the Ghey, and a mere four centuries later the Visigoths were at the gates……

  2. Coragyps, that’s classic. Ha ha ha!

    Let’s not forget the gay gadfly, Oscar Wilde. He’s likely responsible for the end of the British Empire.