Take Action With TFN

Take Action With TFN

What is the current call to action? 

On Wednesday, April 7 at 8 a.m., the Texas House Public Health Committee will hold a hearing for six anti-abortion bills. We need to ensure abortion is available to anyone who needs it, wherever they live or whoever they are.

Want a summary of all the bills being heard? Check out this guide. 

You can take action in multiple ways, both remotely and in-person. Scroll through this list, which is ordered by priority, for more information on how you can help stop these dangerous bills.

Actions EVERYONE can take 

Call anti-abortion members of the House Public Health Committee

Call the offices of committee members to let them know you oppose all of these anti-abortion bills. Using Phone2Action, you’ll be given a script and one phone number to call, which will patch you through to the office of each legislator on our list.

Join our fax storm on Tuesday, April 6 between 12 – 2 PM CDT

Help us to disrupt the offices of anti-abortion committee members by flooding them with faxes sent via website. Join us on Zoom, where we’ll provide all the guidance you need to send faxes from the convenience of your computer or phone. Feel free to bring your lunch as we socialize and fax, email, and call.

Submit a written public comment to the House comment portal

Check out the “submit written comment” section of this guide from our friends at Avow, where they explain how you can make your voice heard by the committee from afar.

Actions you can take if you’re in AUSTIN

Formally register your opposition to the bills from the Capitol grounds (outdoors)

For those of you able to make it to the Capitol in Austin, we need you to officially register your opposition via the House website Wednesday morning. In order to register your opposition, you will need to go outside the Capitol with a laptop or tablet (NOT a phone) and connect to the free Capitol WiFi to use the registration form.

Testify in person at one or more of the bill hearings

We are putting together a list of fully vaccinated supporters who could be mobilized quickly to testify at hearings. If that’s you, we will provide all of the talking points and preparation you will need to do so successfully. But due to the dangers of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the decision to testify at the Capitol will always be entirely yours to make.