Take Action: Let’s Stop this Anti-Abortion Bill in Its Tracks

The Texas House could soon move toward a vote on yet another unnecessary abortion restriction. Here’s the good news: We can demand that a key committee keep the bill off the House floor.

FightBackTXHouse Bill 14 by state Rep. Drew Springer, R-Muenster, would bar local governments, public hospitals and even state agencies from contracting or with a health care provider — like Planned Parenthood — that includes abortion in the services it offers. It means that a health facility that provides a variety of much-needed, affordable medical services would be unable to receive state funding if it offers the procedure or affiliates with a provider that does.

HB 14 is currently before the powerful Calendars Committee, which can decide if a bill makes it to the House floor for a vote. If we can convince the committee to stop HB 14, it will prevent some of the more extreme, anti-abortion legislators in the House from forcing this bill onto the governor’s desk.

Call members of the Calendars Committee

If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap a phone number to dial. When you call, tell members to keep HB 14 off the House floor (talking points available below).

Todd Hunter (Chairman) – 512-463-0672
Donna Howard (Vice Chair) – 512-463-0631
Roberto Alonzo – 512-463-0408
Trent Ashby – 512-463-0508
Byron Cook – 512-463-0730
Sarah Davis – 512-463-0389
Charlie Geren – 512-463-0610
Helen Giddings – 512-463-0953
Kyle Kacal – 12-463-0412
Ken King – 512-463-0736
Linda Koop – 512-463-0454
Poncho Nevárez – 512-463-0566
Chris Paddie – 512-463-0556
Dade Phelan – 512-463-0706
Toni Rose – 512-463-0664

Talking Points on HB 14

  • Texans should have the freedom to choose their own doctor. But this bill would limit access to health care that Texans need by denying them the right to seek services at the clinic or provider of their choice.
  • Mayors of the state’s largest cities have said HB 14 would be devastating to their communities and reduce access to affordable health care.
  • Texas has one of the highest rates of uninsured individuals in the country. We should focus on increasing, not reducing, access to affordable health care.