TAKE ACTION: Fight Back Against Abortion Restrictions

The Texas Senate is considering numerous bills designed to further restrict access to abortion care. Two of those bills are up for a vote by the full Senate in the coming days.

Here, in brief, is what each bill is about:

  • SB 258: Would require the burial or cremation of fetal tissue from an abortion.
  • SB 415: This bill would ban the safest and most common abortion method in the second trimester.

We urge you to call your state senators and tell them to oppose these abortion restrictions. A suggested message from the Trust.Respect.Access. coalition, of which TFN is a part of, can be found below.

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Message for senators

Hi, my name is ___________ and my zip code is __________. I’m calling to ask my senator vote NO on SB 258, and SB 415 and stop interfering in decisions that don’t belong to politicians. A woman must be able to make her own decisions with the advice of the doctos she trusts.

According to medical experts, these bills do nothing to make women safer, and if passed, would harm Texas women. [Inserts your own story, if you like.] I’m counting on the senator to do the right thing and respect Texas women. Vote NO on SB 258 and SB 415. Thank you for your time.