Texas HHSC Report on Family Planning Programs Leaves Out a Lot

We just sent out the following press release regarding a new report from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission on the state’s family planning programs. The report leaves out answers to too many questions, including why the state is still funneling taxpayer dollars to an incompetent, anti-abortion contractor. […]

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TFN Calls for Investigation of State Contract Renewal for Anti-Abortion Group

State lawmakers promised low-income Texans wouldn’t be hurt when they cut Planned Parenthood out of funding for reproductive health care services. They lied. Today we’re joining with Campaign for Accountability in calling on Texas lawmakers to investigate why the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) renewed contracts worth millions of taxpayer dollars for the next two years […]

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Unhinged Fury from the Right over Abortion Decision

Advocates for women’s reproductive health care are still celebrating Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down some of the most extreme anti-abortion regulations passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013 (House Bill 2). But we’ve been monitoring the almost unhinged and even violence-themed fury from the right over the court’s clear acknowledgment that those regulations were really intended to close […]

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Texas Faith Leaders Call on Gov. Abbott to Stop Interfering in Women’s Freedom to Choose Their Health Care Providers

Just Texas, a project of the Texas Freedom Network, sent out the following press release today: Clergy from diverse faith traditions across Texas are calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to stop interfering with the freedom of women to see providers of their choice for health screenings, family planning and other reproductive health care services. “Women […]

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