Tom DeLay, the disgraced former U.S. congressman from Texas and Republican House Majority Leader, thinks states can defy a possible U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down bans on same-sex marriage. He tells the right-wing outlet Newsmax that “all hell is going to break loose” if the high court makes such a ruling this month. He goes on:

“A ruling by the Supreme Court is nothing but an opinion if the legislative branch and the executive branch do not enforce it. Not only that, if the states would just invoke the 10th Amendment and assert their sovereignty, they can defy a ruling by the Supreme Court. It’s in the Constitution. We can tell the court what cases they can hear.”

Southern politicians tried this approach after the Supreme Court struck down school segregation as unconstitutional in 1954. It’s also what opponents of interracial marriage called for when the high court struck down state anti-miscegenation laws in 1967.

DeLay also argued that opposing a court ruling striking down bans on same-sex marriage “is about religious liberty more than anything else” — meaning, essentially, the right to refuse to accept or recognize same-sex marriages for religious reasons.

“For all of time, not just Christians and Jews, but all religions… Read More

Disgraced former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay offered folks a peculiar civics lesson today. Our friends at Right Wing Watch caught the Texas Republican explaining what he thinks is the source of problems our nation faces today:

“I think we got off the track when we allowed our government to become a secular government, when we stopped realizing that God created this nation, that he wrote the Constitution, that it’s based on biblical principles, and we allowed those that don’t believe in those things to keep pushing us, pushing us, and pushing us away from the government. And instead of standing up and being unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ and fighting for our values in our society.”

DeLay was speaking on the talk show of Matthew Hagee, the son of San Antonio megapastor John Hagee.… Read More

From the Houston Chronicle: A Travis County jury today convicted former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, on two charges dealing with political money laundering. He faces the possibility of long prison sentences on both convictions.

DeLay helped orchestrate the Republican takeover of the Texas House of Representatives in the 2002 election. From the Houston Chronicle story:

“DeLay and two political aides were accused of arranging to trade $190,000 in corporate money with the Republican National Committee in 2002 in exchange for a like amount of money raised from individual donations that the RNC gave to seven specified Texas candidates. Texas law bars the use of corporate contributions in candidate elections.”

The next year the newly established Republican majority elected Tom Craddick, R-Midland, as Speaker. Then Republican lawmakers in Austin threw out a congressional redistricting map put in place just two years earlier and drew new district boundaries that were substantially more favorable to GOP candidates. The Craddick-run House spent the next six years pushing through as much of the religious right’s political agenda as it could.… Read More