Another Stunning McLeroy Interview

Check out this fascinating Q-and-A with Texas State Board of Education member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, from The Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto. Money quote: “Look, down here there are these groups from the far left. Whatever we do, they want to make it look like we are dumb morons. They’re very effective, dadgummit. Jefferson’s […]

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A Real Historian Responds

Why do members of the Texas State Board of Education insist on rejecting guidance from real experts? Case in point: far-right board members continue to argue that they were justified in removing Thomas Jefferson, primary author of the Declaration of Independence, from a key curriculum standard for high school world history courses. Those board members […]

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McLeroy Has Trouble Explaining

Still not sure where the Texas State Board of Education is going with the social studies curriculum standards? Then listening to a radio discussion with board member Don McLeroy from last week might help. McLeroy, R-College Station, spoke on Southern California public radio station KPCC last Monday about the social studies debate in Texas. (Click […]

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What Does Dunbar Really Want to Teach?

Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, has been defending her action removing Thomas Jefferson from world history curriculum standards by disingenuously claiming his inclusion simply wasn’t “germane.” And during this month’s state board meeting, she complained that critics were wrong in charging that she and other far-right board members were trying to force […]

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Lowe’s Bogus Explanation on Jefferson Deletion

The Texas Freedom Network sent out the following press release today: SBOE Chair Lowe’s Explanation for Dropping Jefferson from Standard Doesn’t Hold Water TFN President Kathy Miller Points Out the Distorted History Promoted by Board Extremists FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 19, 2010 Texas State Board of Education chairwoman Gail Lowe’s explanation for the board’s deletion […]

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