One year after the Texas Legislature passed some of the most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the nation, religious-right groups still treat supporters of women’s reproductive health care with open contempt. Today, for example, The Justice Foundation — a radical anti-abortion group based in San Antonio — sent out a nasty press release attacking the thousands of Texans who took part in the “people’s filibuster” at the at the State Capitol last summer.

In that press release Allan Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, calls those advocates of abortion rights a “mob”:

“I was there a year ago when mob rule was attempted in Texas. I was not there the night of the first filibuster, but I was at home watching it on my computer. The mob and Senator Wendy Davis accomplished through shouting, screaming and disruption, what they could not achieve through persuasion when the first filibuster worked to thwart the will of the majority.”

Parker fails to recount how anti-abortion lawmakers arrogantly shut down a public hearing on their bill, turning away many women who had waited for hours in a packed hearing room to speak out against the attack on women’s reproductive health care. He also doesn’t acknowledge how Senate leaders vandalized their own… Read More

It’s a cold and stunning effort to use the Nazis’ systematic murder of millions of Jews before and during World War II to promote a political agenda today.  We just saw a press release in which a Texas-based right-wing litigation group peddles the argument that the Holocaust, abortion and evolution are all connected. Check out this excerpt from the press release from The Justice Foundation in San Antonio and other anti-abortion groups:

Millions of innocent unborn children have died and women have been hurt throughout the world through abortion. Millions of men, woman and children died in the Holocaust. Is there a connection between these evils and evolution? … We will examine today the pictures, the stories, the evidence, and the horrors in the concentration camps and abortion clinics.

The release goes on to announce a Friday press conference in the nation’s capital to promote a DVD about “the relationship between Evolution — Auschwitz — Abortion.”… Read More