The head of a right-wing Texas group with a political blog is stepping down at least temporarily as criticism grows over his apparent habit of tweeting anti-gay and other offensive slurs directed at various elected officials and political activists.

The announcement of Daniel Greer’s leave of absence at AgendaWise comes a few days after another conservative blogger and Republican insider posted a detailed rundown of Greer’s bigoted tweets. That blogger, former State Republican Executive Committee member Mark McCaig, called on the three members of AgendaWise’s board to fire Greer. Two of those board members are Michael Quinn Sullivan of the anti-government Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and Texas Public Policy Foundation Vice Chairman Tim Dunn. (Apparently, McCaig and Sullivan don’t much care for each other.)

The Austin-based political blog Quorum Report (subscription required) and the Houston Chronicle have also reported about Greer’s tweets. Quorum Report’s story today alerted us to McCaig’s piece, which includes many of the bigoted tweets. “Fag” appears to be one of Greer’s favorite insults — he even includes it in a tweet (in a now-deleted account under an… Read More

In March the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) ambushed teachers and others who have been working to revise social studies curriculum standards for the state's public schools. TPPF charged that the curriculum writing teams -- made up of teachers, academics and others -- were drafting standards that left out important historical figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, holidays like Independence Day and various patriotic symbols like the Liberty Bell. That was nonsense. As we noted later, Don McLeroy (who was State Board of Education chairman at the time) had leaked early work from the writing teams to TPPF -- work that was nowhere near complete. It seems clear that TPPF's purpose (and McLeroy's) was to discredit the work of the writing team members. Most of those team members are hardworking educators and academics who know history and understand quite well how to craft curriculum standards for students. But not all of them. We have already reported about the ideologues the McLeroy faction on the state board has appointed to a panel of so-called "experts" who will help guide the revision of the social studies standards. It turns out that faction members have…… Read More

Earlier this spring teachers serving as members of writing teams working on new social studies curriculum standards were blind-sided when someone leaked an unfinished, preliminary draft of their working document to the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF). At the public State Board of Education meeting in March, TPPF ripped into these writing teams, claiming that they had "removed or changed important pieces of history and government to reflect an anti-free-market viewpoint." Several board members joined in the feeding frenzy, slandering the work of these teachers without even bothering to hear their explanation. TFN was shocked -- shocked!  -- t0  learn who stabbed these teachers in the back by leaking the incomplete standards to a political pressure group. None other than our old friend and embattled board chairman, Don McLeroy. Read More