One of the reasons abortion continues to be such a divisive issue is rhetoric like the following from Texas congressman Steve Stockman, R-Friendswood. In a press release on Monday, Stockman referred to Kermit Gosnell’s murder and involuntary manslaughter convictions in the deaths of three babies and a woman at a grisly abortion clinic in Philadelphia. People who support and those who oppose a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion have been horrified by what happened in Philadelphia. But Stockman shamefully suggests otherwise:

“Despite the blood-soaked horror of Gosnell’s clinic, Democrats refuse to loosen their embrace of unrestricted, unregulated, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Democrats do not want abortion to be safe or rare. Democrats oppose even the most basic of health and safety standards for abortion mills. Democrats don’t care how many women are maimed, infected with diseases or die on the routinely-filthy abortion mills. Democrats worship abortion with same fervor the Canaanites worshipped Molech.”

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Congressman Steve Stockman of Friendswood (near Houston) is wading into the bizarre political witch hunt over the CSCOPE curriculum management system targeted by far-right activists in recent months. And — no surprise — the Republican tea partyer is peddling the right-wing conspiracy myth that President Obama is trying to take over Texas schools.

Stockman’s campaign committee has apparently paid for the printing of postcards being distributed today at a Texas House Public Education Committee hearing on a bill putting CSCOPE under review by the State Board of Education. CSCOPE, a product of the state’s Education Service Centers, helps Texas public schools cover all of the required curriculum standards. Critics absurdly claim that the program — with lessons written by current and retired Texas teachers (crazy radicals!) — promotes Marxism and Islam while undermining patriotism and Christianity. Yet the examples they point to are little more than bizarre distortions of CSCOPE lessons. They also claim CSCOPE officials are somehow collaborating with the Obama administration and the Common Core State Standards to help the federal government take over Texas schools. Really. We’re not making this up. In fact, that’s the charge Stockman’s postcard is… Read More