Looking Ahead to the Science Textbook Battle

Now that the State Board of Education has adopted new science curriculum standards, publishers can write their textbooks for the Texas adoption in 2011. The state board’s creationists will use the flawed standards they approved as a weapon to force publishers into dumbing down instruction on evolution. To get a sense of some of the […]

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McLeroy, Science and ‘Hooey’

As we noted yesterday, evolution wasn’t the only target of social conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education this week. New public school science curriculum standards approved by the board also weaken instruction on climate change. Board Chairman Don McLeroy told a reporter that he thinks the standards, including a measure suggesting there is […]

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It Wasn’t All about Evolution

The Texas State Board of Education did more than open the door to creationist attacks on evolution when passing new science curriculum standards today. It also watered down a section on global warming in the standards for the environmental systems high school course. The environmental systems curriculum standards drafted by a writing team in December […]

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TFN Lobby Day Boosts Science at the Capitol

Supporters of sound science education and stem cell research had a big presence at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday. More than 200 activists registered for Texas Freedom Network ‘s Lobby Day, which included training sessions on supporting stem cell research, responsible sexuality education and sound science education in public schools. Nearly two dozen teams of […]

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