Their Opinion of Women Appears to Be as Backward as Their Views of Gay People

What a hateful crew they seem to have over at the right-wing Texas organization/blog AgendaWise Reports. We already knew what they think about gay people. Now we see that their views about women are just as backward and offensive. Two years ago, Daniel Greer had to step down (temporarily) from his post at AgendaWise after various media outlets reported about […]

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Houston-Area Tea Party Leader Was Fascist Party Member

The head of a Houston-area Tea Party group appears to have been dabbling in extremist right-wing politics for some time and has shared the political stage with various far-right activist and elected leaders in Texas. According to a report in the Texas Tribune, James Ives, president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party, served […]

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Michael Quinn Sullivan Jumps on the ‘Pilgrims Were Commies!’ Bandwagon

Michael Quinn Sullivan, head of the anti-government group Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, has something in common with failed State Board of Education candidate Gail Spurlock: they both see American history through the cracked lens of ideology. During her campaign for the state board this year, Spurlock claimed that the Pilgrims nearly did themselves in […]

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Health Care = Slavery?

Right-wing pooh-bahs in Texas are exploding in rage over today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding health care reform. We’ll have more coming later, but we thought this one from Michael Quinn Sullivan — head of the anti-government group Empower Texans — was really over the top. […]

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