Young people have been turning away in larger numbers from the extremism, hate and intolerance of the religious right in recent years. In 2008, for example, polling showed that Barack Obama doubled his support among young evangelicals compared to John Kerry’s performance with the same group in the 2004 presidential election. From a New York Times article shortly after the 2008 election:

“There is definitely a generational division,” said David P. Gushee, professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University and author of “The Future of Faith in American Politics: The Public Witness of the Evangelical Center.”

“Young evangelicals,” Dr. Gushee said, are “attracted to a broader agenda” beyond abortion and homosexuality, that includes the environment, poverty, human rights and torture.

Now religious-right pooh-bah Ralph Reed, former head of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, says young people will become conservatives as they get older. The chairman of the newish Faith & Freedom Coalition, which seeks to unite tea party and religious-right activists, says time is on the religious right’s side:

“There are three things that will happen that will make them far more receptive to the conservative values of faith,” Reed said. “No. 1, they’re going… Read More

Forrest Wilder

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