Anti-Sex Ed Candidate Routed in Texas State Board of Education Runoff

Eric Mahroum — who supports displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools and opposes teaching about birth control in sex education classes — went down in flames in Tuesday’s Republican runoff for the District 11 seat on the Texas State Board of Education. Longtime incumbent Pat Hardy easily defeated Mahroum 59%-41% in the Republican runoff for […]

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Texas Ed Board Candidate Worries Schools Are Teaching Communism

It’s sometimes hard to know whether candidates for the State Board of Education (SBOE) in Texas really believe the crazy things they say. Today, for example, the Texas Tribune quotes Eric Mahroum of Fort Worth explaining one of the reasons why he’s running for the District 11 seat on the SBOE: “You have CSCOPE teaching our children that communism […]

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Texas Ed Board Candidates Want Religious Beliefs Promoted in Public Schools

We told you Monday that a religious-right group’s voter guide reveals that several Republican candidates in Texas State Board of Education elections this year think government shouldn’t be responsible for making sure all children get an education. The same candidates also support shifting tax dollars from public to private schools. So it might not be surprising to […]

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