Earth Day Spotlight With the El Paso Climate Charter

It’s Earth Day! In celebration and reverence of the crucial work that climate justice advocates and activists are doing to preserve our future, we sat down with Luis Enrique Miranda, an organizer with Sunrise El Paso who is now the campaign manager for a ballot measure in El Paso called the El Paso Climate Charter. In honor of Earth Day, Miranda is here to let us know the looming threats Texans and El Pasoans are facing–and most importantly, how we can all be empowered to take action right now. […]

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He's a Marxist! And I Still Can't Spell His Name!

Cathie Adams, president of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum, has had more than four years to learn how to spell the name of the president of the United States and still can’t. She still seems more interested in making sure people know that his middle name is Hussein and that she thinks he’s a dirty […]

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Is the Religious Right Shilling for Big Oil?

As we often have said, the religious right is really a political movement that strategically uses religion and religious language to push a political agenda that often has little connection to the values of mainstream people of faith. Today we see another example of how the religious right nakedly shills for powerful economic interests. OneNewsNow, […]

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